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  1. Hi, I listen to 平常心 every morning and I love the pure background music that you choose. May I ask where I can find those music?

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thank you for your support. Both background music and final song are prepared by our production team. It is chosen related to the program content. There are many parts and choices for different programs and if you are interested in any particular episode, we can help you to find it.
      Customer Services

  2. HI Mr. Leung: Have you written a book for the stories that you tell us everyday? The stories are so good that I want to read it everyday in order to remind me how to improve.
    Please reply

  3. 你好來自香港退休警察住santa barbara 這裏無法接收貴台廣播

  4. 希望購買 ”平常心” 節目CD, please email me if you have it available in future. Thank you.

  5. Hi there,
    Can you please tell me the name and artist of the song you played today at 3:30pm on the Jackson’s story? Leave a message in Chinese is ok with me. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Daniel,
      平常心 March 17 2016 (Thu) 成功的迷宮
      ending song: 胡鴻鈞 – 相信明天
      background music: 陳慧嫻 -㣭女

      Thank you for your support to AM1430.
      Customer Service


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