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  1. Hi, Inez,
    Could you please upload Mr Lam Sau Wing’s Money Radio program that was scheduled on January 3. Cannot find it on the Re-run program. Thanks.

  2. Hi Inez,
    I love all your shows. You are a very knowledgeable DJ. Won’t you help me to find out where can I see a domestic made Cantonese speaking film which recently has won 3 awards from various film festivals. I heard it will be in theater first week of August. Do appreciate it if you can find out where can I see it. Look forward to your prompt reply. Thank you!

  3. Inez 你好, 請今天晚上 8:00 to 10:00pm 7/19/2018 帮忙問林修荣先生, 2 個問题,
    在美國每年父母给孩子祗能 US$30,000元, 如果超過這個数目, 會有什么後果?!

    如孩子急需要金錢帮忙, 数目多過US$50,000, 如何做? 孩子現在曰本東京工作. 謝謝!!

  4. I try to listen to your program again. but only shows 10 days only. I listen all of them already
    where can I find the older one to listen 1:30-2:00 is your program.

  5. Inez 你好,我在理財天地"留言分享” 写问题给林修荣先生,但写好后按Post comment ,但网上显示 Invalid Security Token .即留言不成功, 請帮帮忙,是什么原因,謝謝

  6. Aside from the gift giving mentality where the pricier, the better, is there any difference between a $50/box mooncake and a $17/box one?

  7. Inez妳好!我是郭太,想請教林修榮先生,我們有個cutma account, 是否會影響日後申請fafsa,如果有影響,請問我們要怎樣做好,有請林修榮先生多多指教,謝謝你!

  8. Inez 你好,我想告訴你上次有個聽眾分享用火龍果紅色的部分加珍珠粉和奶,是否把它弄成糊狀而用它 的汁液來敷在眼袋上呢!但我用了幾個星期都沒有效果,請問我有沒有用錯方法呢!謝謝。

  9. 我想您能否在做個有心人節目里分享一下有關發生車禍后應該做些什麽的這種話題呢?謝謝


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