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(FDA)8日通告,美國營養保健品生產商Pharmavite LLC公司產品因可能存在沙門氏菌或金黃色葡萄球菌污染風險,正在召回知名品牌Nature Made系列的數種保健品。

被 召回的共有四種產品,(Nature Made Adult Gummies Multi)、150粒裝成人多種維生素加Omega-3軟糖(Nature Made Adult Gummies Multi + Omega-3)、100粒裝與150粒裝女性專用成人多種維生素加Omega-3軟糖(Nature Made Adult Gummies Multi for Her plus Omega-3s)和140粒裝、360粒裝及460粒裝超級維生素B群加葉酸錠劑(Nature Made Super B Complex w/C Folic Acid Tablets)。


可參見公司網 頁(http://www.pharmavite.com/MediaCenter/MC_PR.asp?ID=237)。產品批號可在產品失效日期附近 找到。消費者可在周一至周五,上午7時至下午5時(太平洋標準時間)致電Pharmavite LLC公司。電話號碼為1-800-276-2878。


Nature Valley bars

Due to listeria concerns.

On Thursday, General Mills issued a voluntary national recall of four flavors of its Nature Valley brand bars. It is one of a growing number of snack suppliers to do so as a result of industrywide listeria concerns.

The four flavors of Nature Valley bars that are part of the recall were distributed to retail establishments throughout the United States.  Consumers are asked to check their pantries and dispose of the products affected by this recall, regardless of when they were purchased or what date is on the package.

Consumers who have had to discard products covered by this recall may contact General Mills Consumer Relations at 1-866-896-4365 for a replacement.

This recall only affects four flavors of Nature Valley’s nearly 40 different products. Nature Valley’s other products are not affected by this recall.

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