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  1. Good job, we like the topic you discus today 02-05-2020, you have our support, keep up the good work and same schedule.
    If change to evening, will not able to receive the signal in OC.

  2. 王教授很高興聽到您的對各方面的報導及分析希望您能在這次中期選舉前分析各題按謝謝

  3. 王受之教授,
    真的很喜歡你的敢言, 不像廣播電台裡面,一面倒支持奧巴馬,一面倒支持同性戀結婚,一面倒反對特朗普總統, 今天10月5日,你提到了一件非常重要的事情,每個人都說特朗普總統不好, 但他們從不說出特朗普總統的優點…!!

  4. 王受之教授. His talk is good in some ways, but most of his talk in each session repeated the same information for more than 2 times.


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