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  1. 林先:你好!My parents retired January of this year. Both are 65 yrs old. Their only income is their Social Security + Medicare benefit starting from January of this year (2019).
    Roughly, my dad gets $1040 a month before medicare deduction (After Medicare Advantage – $904 remains). And my mom get $1162 a month before medicare deduction (Plan D + F – 941.70 remains).
    Dad: roughly $1040x12months = $12,480 for 2019
    Mom: roughly $1162x12months = $13,944 for 2019
    Combine income of $26,424 for 2019?
    They file joint tax returns every year, and my dad has some 401K he would like to take out. He doesn’t want to take out the whole 401K amount right away because of taxes. He would like to take out small portion each year.
    1. Given this scenario, What amount of 401K should he distribute each year without paying too much taxes? I heard of Tax bracket… but I am good at IT… but not at tax, money and finance 🙂
    2. Since they are paying for Medicare, and that reduces their social security, does that lower their tax bracket?
    3. How does income tax works with Social Security and 401k partial distribution?


  2. 致林修榮 博士/ INEZ 小姐
    本人今年66歲,2015年與太太來美國. 現與女兒及女婿同住並照顧2年幼兒孫. 2017年取得綠咭, 2018年領有加州醫療白咭(medi-cal) 服務.
    現兒孫於今年8月上學, 本人欲重投勞工市場, 時薪為$12, 每天工作5小時, 每星期5天或7天工作, 支票出糧, 税務自負.
    由於過去從未在美有工作並與女婿女兒孫共住生活, 女婿於報税中有動用父母免稅額, 現請問
    1. 以上之收入怎樣報税?
    2. 會否影响醫療白咭的福利 ?
    多謝你的指引. 吳先生敬上

  3. 林先:你好!有两个关于小孩fafsa问题咨询你,本人家庭为一家三口,绿卡身份,只有自住屋一间,无投资,收入为w2,存款大约三千左右。
    今年小孩已入读Cpp,2017年收入大约为两万左右,扣除小孩fafsa及calgrantB及direct loan sub 补助后,小孩学费及住宿费(未计书费),第一个学期我已pay左两千壹左右
    问题2:我曾去咨询学校的fafsa office,讲拿calgrantA,fafsa补助会相对减小,grantA同grantB拿的补助是差不多的,对吗?

  4. 林先生你好. 我想問一個有關 大學學費和 California residency 的問題. 我家姐 在香港居住 他是 美國 citizen. 他的女兒就是我的外甥女 也是 美國 citizen. 外甥女的 父母已經離婚 爸爸 沒有美籍. 外甥女現在在英國讀書, 希望 會 transfer 到 UCLA. 如果外甥女報用我的地址, 來了美國一年之後, 他在 UCLA 的學費 可以 算成為 in-state resident 嗎? 感謝你

  5. Mr Lam,

    I have few questions and need your expertise.

    1) I bought a house back on 2000 and lived there for 4 years, leased it for 2 years, moved back and lived there for another 7 years. It was on lease since 2012 until now. If I sell it now and make a gain of $100,000, what is the percentage of this gain is subject to CA tax?
    2) If I use this gain to purchase property for lease, how soon I can take it back and use it as my primary resident?
    3) If I can use (2) as my primary resident, how soon I can sell it? Is the CA tax calculation same as (1)?

    Thank you for your advise and looking forward for your reply.

    1. Mr. Lam,
      Thank you for answering my question on 9-12-2019. But my third question was misunderstood.
      What I wanted to ask is:
      If I can use the gain from (1) and purchase another property for lease, according to Mr. Lam, I can take it back as my primary resident after 2 years. How long I have to live in this property before I can sell it? And how is the tax being calculated?
      Thank you.


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