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  1. I am looking restaurants that is very romantic , but the restaurant are near L.A. e mail me please.

  2. 我要抽纖先可以去食飯个網站: chef_lung@yahoo.com

    • Wasabi

      The restaurant is no longer operate with the lucky draw system. They stopped the service a few months ago.

  3. Do you have any suggestions of romantic restaurant nearby? Pasadena…Also, please let me know the name of Korean bbq all you can eat restaurant.

  4. 你好,我想要你今日介紹韓國BBQ餐廳的名稱或地址。?

  5. 你好,can you tell me the name of those famus stake house in L.V.?

  6. Hi, Wasabi
    May I have the names of thoes 2 steak house that you and 經偉 talk about?
    One was Alexander’s right? What about the one in downtown ?

    Thank you


  7. Hello Wasabi,

    Would you please list the steak houses that you had mentioned last week?
    Thank you….

  8. About ramen, I actually have two more suggestions (though I think you probably tried these places already), both in west LA as I lived there for over 5 years:
    1. Santouka Ramen
    I really love their shio tonkotsu soup base (could also request for less salt if there’s health concern). The flavor is complex and you can taste the presence of many different types of spices (instead of just MSG). Besides, their toro niku was superb! The pork cheek meat almost melts in my mouth, and every order comes with about 7 pieces! My eyes were open the first time I tried this place (I never imagined any good food exist in a food court, but this one was exceptional!). They also have salmon roe over rice, which was pretty good too.

  9. 2. Ramen Yamadaya
    (This website seems to hate me. This is the 4th time I’m typing this.)
    Very pork! Highly recommended. Four full pots of pork bone and meat boiled for over 20 hours. Price is competitive too (much better than tsujita in this regard). My favorites are kotteri (black garlic oil and fatty tonkotsu), original tonkotsu, and tsukemen. You know you can ask the chef to add hot water or soup base into the sauce for you to drink it.

    I tried ramen jinya but they seem to be short of salt and the flavor doesn’t come out. My old favorite ten years ago was daikokuya but now other places rank much higher on my list. There are lots of new ramen places open in west LA after I moved out five years ago :(. If you have other ramen suggestions please let me know so I may try.

    • Wasabi

      I love Ramen Yamadaya and Santouka Ramen!!! I am a fan of Tonkotsu soup base so these two places are absolutely on top of my list!!! I also like Tsujita in Los Angeles especially their dipping ramen. http://www.tsujita-la.com/

      Thanks for sharing!! Looks like we are both ultimate foodie!

  10. 有一集提及一歺廳有一肉湯及大份扒類 2人可能吃不完 很大份 好像在韓國埠 可否告知地址

  11. Hi, Wasabi!!! 今日你个节目差唔多结束果时,你话有间超市卖cheesecake factory噶啡色果个面包,系边间超市啊???我超中意食 ^_^,同埋个包叫咩名,我惊买错。

  12. joy_taoranliu@hotmail.com

    HI, Wasabi, 2 days ago 阿松mentioned he met 少女时代 at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Can I have the name of it? Thanks!

  13. Would you please let me the name and address of the famous sandwiches store you just mentioned in your program today?
    Thank you so much for your attention.

  14. So, you mentioned coconut cream breads, aka CCB on your show. In fact, Im a big fan of bread as well, esp coconut cream bread. Let me say I havent find any good one out there yet, so you guy and gals have any good choice out there? The soul of the CCB is the cream inside the bread, the cream has to be made with some texture combine with just the right amount of sweetness and favor to it, or else it just tasteless with just sugary cream like many sold at your local supermarkets, shops…. like 99 ranch, Kee Wah, etcs…Thanks in advance!

    • Wasabi

      Taku, I totally agree with you! I have not found the best CCB in LA yet. May be I should try to find the best recipe and make it at home.

  15. Hello Wasabi

    Would you please tell me the name and address of the restaurant that 阿松 went to for “Fried Bao” in HK ?

  16. Hi Wasabi,
    I am a fans of 無限Food頻 for many years, and I am so happy that I can hear 無限Food頻 m-f now.
    I shall go to taiwan next month. Would you please give me LEE KEI’s resaurant’s name and address? Also, any good congee place you would recommend in Hong Kong? Thank you!

  17. 請問在10月22号介绍的韓國餐廳是食魚生的名稱和地址?謝謝

  18. last time shusi dinner have lobster shusi 89 ,119 ,can you tell me whee is it

  19. 想請問星期四妳曾經分享的印尼餐廳,可以告知住址嗎?

  20. The Drop Box is on Netflix now. Please share with audiences and Howard. Thank you.

  21. Hi Wasabi, Any seafood and steak restaurant for a group birthday dinner party (8 people).

  22. HI Wasabi

    I remember you have mentioned there is a very good and reasonable oyster seafood restaurant closed to Camarillo Premium Outlet, can I have the name of that restaurant? Thanks!

  23. Hi, Wasabi,

    You mentioned a restaurant which takes 3 months to make a reservation on 11/6/15.

    Thank you

  24. What is the nane of the restaurant that you mentioned,on your 3:30PM program in down town LA in 11/13/15?

  25. wasabi,
    Would you please share the restaurant names on 11/6/2015

    Thank you

  26. Can you find out from one of the guest talk about getting a free ride to LAX airport?

  27. Hi Wasabi!
    A couple years ago I heard you talk on the radio about a recipe on beef tongue marinated with red wine. I was wondering if you still had the recipe and could share with me? Thanks!!!

  28. Love ur talk show ! The Korean restaurant u talk about today, is it Gam Ja gol?

  29. Can you send me both Thai Restaurant address?

  30. Thank you for your information 🙂

  31. Do you have the cooker link @ you said yesterday?

  32. Hi,你好!請問你們節目裡介紹的日本料理私房菜每位$200.00的聯繫方式。電話號碼或地址都可以。謝謝!

    • Wasabi

      Hello Richard

      This restaurant raise their price and it is $320 per person now (include tax and tips).


      They just relocate to a different location, so please contact them for the most updated information. I also suggest to confirm the per person price before you make the reservation.

  33. 我聽了你們的節目介紹,覺得這是一個很好很難得的享受美食的好機會,所以希望得到您的回覆,謝謝!

  34. 謝謝您!多謝您的回覆和提供的資訊

  35. Wasabi, love your show. Just a minor correction, “Omakase” is not 懷石 it more or less mean chef special. Kaiseki 才是懷石料理。

    • Hi Wasabi,
      Please recommend any good dish from Bastia? I have booked a table on this Friday1/22.

      • Wasabi

        Hi Mike

        Oh I felt so bad that i did not see your message until now.

        What did you order? My favorite dish are the uni pasta, the cold cut plate and the octopus appetizers.

        • I ordered Slow Roasted Lamb Neck, Cavatelli alla Vaccinera (pork sausage pasta), Maltagliati al Sugo di Anatra Affumicato (duck pasta), and Valrhona Fair Trade Bittersweet Chocolate Budino Tart (dessert). There were only two of us and we ate them all. We like all of them. I almost ordered octopus appetizer but I changed my mind. Next time I’ll ordered that. Thanks for your reply!

          • Wasabi

            Wow you did ate a lot!! Next time you should try the mussels and clams, that’s really amazing too!
            The chocolate budino tart is their most popular dessert, i love it too!
            If you like pasta, you should try Macaroni Republic in DTLA, that’s my favorite pasta place especially their black and white pasta, I am sure you will like that.

    • Wasabi

      HI DM

      Thank you so much for the correction!!! And I am glad you enjoyed the show!

  36. Wasabi,
    I like to know the cold Korean Noodle you mention on 1/21/16 last Thursday


  37. Wasabi,
    Pls tell me the restaurants in Victorville and Korean BBQ in Rowland Height (you mention on 1/29/16 )

  38. hi Wasabi,

    Have you ever been The Bazaar by José Andrés? I’m looking for 份子料理 restaurant, can you recommend any nice one please.

    • Wasabi

      Hi Windy

      Yes, I been there like…..at least 6 to 7 years ago. The portion is very small (everything is pretty much bite size) so you probably need at least 10-12 items per person to get full (depends if you are small or big eater)

      I haven’t explored 份子料理 for a long time so can’t give you any recommendations. Update me if you explore any good ones.

  39. Hi,Wasabi:

  40. hello what is Chef James’s youtube channel?

  41. Wasabi,

    Please share your guest’s, James, recommended restaurants.

    Thank you,


  42. Wasabi, 可不可以跟我说 fullerton 日式炸猪扒的地址? 谢谢

  43. Dear Wasabi,

    I’m very interested in the organic juice/ $5 acai bowl place near Cal State Fullerton you mentioned today. Would you please share the name? Thank you very much!


  44. What is the nane of the restaurant that you mentioned in Vegas have 10 course at $29.99

  45. Hi Wasabi,
    Can l have the name of the Italian restaurant that you mentioned on 3/8/62016 Tuesday.

  46. Wasabi, what is the restaurant you introduced today about Japanese ramen fried chicken?

  47. Which movie you guys talk about today earlier about Southern California a lots of famous restaurants n still showing now ? Thanks

    • Wasabi

      it is called the “City of Gold”

      • Hi Wasabi ! Can I have the address 京偉mentioned 日式炸雞 in what market ,and the拉麵 restaurant in Orange County you mentioned very good 炸雞,can I have both thank you.

  48. Wasabi

    what is the restaurant that you talking on Mar 24.in Irvine? Thanks

  49. Hi wasabi ! Can I have the address 經偉mentioned 日式炸雞in what market and the拉麵 restaurant in orange county I want both restaurant thanks .

  50. Hi Wasabi,

    Last week you mentioned you have post the recipe of Chef James Garlic noodle in this website. But I couldn’t find it. Would you mind post it again or give me a link to locate the recipe?

    • Wasabi

      4oz butter
      1Tb Garlic, minced
      1Tb Onion, minced
      1Tb Oyster Sauce
      1ts Fish Sauce
      1ts fresh crack Pepper
      1Tb Pasta Water

      in sauce pan put 1st 3 ingredients and turn on low/med heat to melt butter n’ infuse garlic & onion. once onion is cooked (transluscent). add the next 3 ingredients. whisk to combine sauce.
      add cooked pasta to sauce & pasta water and toss. season with salt/pepper as necessary
      adding grated cheese is optional. suggested cheese would be pecorino or parmasan

  51. Wasabi,

    Going to Vancouver BC in the coming weeks, and I already doing some research on where to go and eat around the city. But, I would like to hear your recommendation on must see or eat places found in Vancouver. Anyway, during my research about where to eat in Vancouver, I found this foodie blog by Mijune Pak, followmefoodie. No affiliation whatever, just share some info on what I found, thanks!

  52. How can make white sauce and cream mashroom soup

    • Wasabi

      HI Benny

      份量: 二至三人
      1. 先預熱一個中型的湯鍋,加入三茶匙油,把切好的蘑菇加入鍋中用中火煮,再加入四分一茶匙的鹽。輕輕用鏟攪拌。蘑菇會出水,讓蘑菇煮大約十分鐘或者直到鍋中的水完全蒸發和蘑菇顏色開始變深黃色
      2. 之後加入洋蔥和蒜再煮五分鐘
      3. 加入麵粉攪拌好再煮大約兩分鐘,讓麵粉輕輕煮至深黃色
      4. 加上雞湯和兩杯水攪拌好
      5. 煮熱之後關火,先把大約一茶匙的蘑菇選出來作裝飾,準備攪拌機,把所有材料打至糊
      6. 再加入牛奶開火煮熱,鹽和黑胡椒調味之後便大功告成!

    • Wasabi

      for White sauce (For pasta), just cooked the pasta, put it on a cooking pan, add heavy cream, butter, plus any herbs that you like, add some salt to taste and at the end you may also add some black pepper to enhance the aroma. It is super easy to make.

  53. 主持人:

  54. Winnie Au Yeung

    請問幾星期前你和經偉提過 san gabriel 和 walnut 可以買到新鮮豆腐,豆腐布甸的地方和地址,謝謝~!

  55. Hi Wasabi,
    I live in Walnut/Diamond Bar area. Is there any good Thai restaurant in this area? Also, I think you mentioned there’s an Indonesian restaurant in this area. Where is it?

  56. Hi will you please share the name of the restaurant in Huntingtion Beach you talk about 06-03-16 Friday

  57. Wasabi, 麻煩妳請經偉最好唔好講英文,因為佢啲英文發音好唔正,又成日拋書包,好難頂! 🙁

  58. 你們好…可否提供在多倫多食過的餐廳名字….多謝!

    • Wasabi

      Hi LIn

      Jim Chai Kee – 270 W Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Y9
      Phoenix Restaurant – 1 Raymerville Dr, Markham, ON L3P, 5J5
      Fishman Lobster clubhouse Restaurant – 680 Silver Star Blvd, Toronto, ON M1V, 4S5

  59. Hi Wasabi,

    Would you please share the name of the Korean icecream place in Chino Hill that you mentioned on 7/14/16? Thanks and have a great weekend.

    • Wasabi

      HI Linh

      That’s a Korean shaved ice dessert place. It is called the snowy village and the address is 3330 Grand Ave, Chino Hills.

  60. 請您講節目時候别用英文單字. 要就講全廣東話或全英文. 我們聽起來比較舒服.

  61. Love our talk show !

    Your co host is not doing a good job ! He should synchronize with you instead of providing incorrect info !

    He should really work on his pronunciations, extremely unprofessional……

    Please forward my 50 cent opinon to him , will definitely benefit him !

  62. Hi Wasabi,

    Few weeks ago you have mentioned a restaurant inside a hotel in Newport Coast, can you tell me the name of the restaurant and the hotel? Thank you!


  63. your co host is pretty humor, I love it.

  64. Hello, i am looking for the korean barbecue restaurant you guys were talking about on air right now. can you please tell me which restaurant it is?

    thank you, Willie

  65. WASABI,你搞錯了,李錦聯 是 *現時* TVB教煮餸的人,並不是多年前的。他是男的,不是你所説的”李太”。
    這是Wikipedia 李錦聯 的簡介,他現年才56歲,每個星期都在都市閒情出現:

  66. Hi, 你之前经常说的uni pasta是哪一家?需要订位吗?

  67. I really want to try the filipino placed near Chinatown you mentioned in on the your show. Thanks

    • I am sorry about my last request…It is NOT a Filipino restaurant, it is a Thai restaurant close to Chinatown..Thanks


  68. Wasabi, can u tell me the name of the Korean dumpling restaurant you mentioned yesterday on the show 02_01_17, thanks

  69. Hi, Wasabi,
    Can you tell me the Indonesia restaurant name and location (Walnut) that you mentioned on 02/20/2017?

  70. 請給東區台灣人剛開的omakase style日式燒烤地址。謝謝Wasabi.

  71. Hi,Wasabi, could you please tell me the restaurants near the beach your shared on 3/16/2017. Thank you.

  72. 2017,3月16日节目里说的你家附近的那家海南鸡饭求地址谢谢

  73. Can you tell me the restaurant name and location (Laguna Beach) that you mentioned on 03/16/2017?

  74. Wasabi:


  75. Great talk show!
    What’s the name of the Taiwanese restaurant (s) u hv mentioned on Thursday 23 ?

  76. Hi Wasabi
    請提供海南鷄飯及臺灣餐館的店名及地址, 謝謝

  77. Hi Wasabi,
    What is the name & address of the Thai restaurant in West Hollywood that serves Hainan Chicken rice & also breakfast?

    Thanks much!

  78. Wasabi,

    經偉has mention a French Dip Sandwich in DTLA and Seafood place in Redonald Beach where he will bring his visitors.

  79. Hi Wasabi, you guys are right, we live in NYC, this pass Monday we try to to 添好運 for early dinner before 6pm the waiting time is 2hr. So we try to go to the ippudo ramen nearby is the same 1.5hr wait. This is crazy.
    NY fans.

    • Wasabi

      Hi Mike

      My friend was in line for over 2 hours just to eat at 添好運. I will never spend the time just wait in line for food!!

  80. 經偉 try the sinus rinse for your allergy. It works for my family. I use the “NeilMed Sinus Rinse”. You can find it in any drug stores or even Costco. Hope it helps 🙂

  81. Hi. Wasabi我想要你今天介绍的韩国猪颈骨煲餐厅..Thank you.

  82. Smorgasburg Market DTLA