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  1. Would you mind to share your yellowstone trip agenda? I heard from the 6:00pm radio show. I want to know more detail about it. Thanks

  2. 思慧,are you retired from this job? About two weeks ago, I heard this news from your partner during his show. I Really like you even though the time that I listen to the radio is very limited and usually very early in the morning, but once a while I can catched you in the afternoon about travelling.

    Wish you are doing well and hope to hear from you again one day somewhere out there.


  3. 思慧 多謝妳加入一點關注節目. 㚷和Wayne 都很合拍。 內容也很豐富 thank you 😊

  4. Hello, my name is Linh from San Diego. Thank you for talking about the diseases going around. I really did not know this was happening. I already tell my children to be more be careful. No wonder I see so many people cleaning and have sink at the park. I like hearing all three of you talk together and always replay the radio KMRB 1430 to hear you again. I am Chinese born Vietnam so I don’t know a lot of English so my daughter help write this. 🙂

    Linh, 9/13/2017 9:16 PM


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