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2023-04-26 三個意大利女生在火車上取笑亞裔的TikTok短片瘋傳 學校發聲明回應



I was on the train from Lake Como to Milan on April 16th with my half Chinese boyfriend, his Chinese mom, and his white dad. I am Pakistani. We are all American. I noticed these girls sitting across from us staring me down and laughing and speaking Italian. At first, I ignored it. Then I stared back at them. They didn’t stop so I made my bf aware, then took a nap. I woke up from the nap to them doing the same thing but more aggressively. I asked them, “Is there a problem?” They said, “No there isn’t a problem.” At that point they started saying “Ni hao!” in an obnoxious, racist, loud voice, along with other things in Italian I couldn’t understand. They continued getting more and more aggressive, laughing at and mocking us. Eventually, I started filming them. They were the most calm during the video but you can still hear them saying ni hao and get a vibe of their general attitude. Never in my life have I experienced such blatant racism. My boyfriend said the same thing. I expected better from the younger generation. After I shared this on IG, many of my Asian friends shared their stories of experiencing racism in Italy and Europe. America may have its race issues, but Europe is 20 years behind. I hope you Italians can find these girls and shame them. It was truly disgusting behavior and I hope they learn a lesson from this. It is so dehumanizing to experience this. #racism #stopaapihate #Italy #Milan #LakeComo #racistItalians #racistcheck #racistoftheday #racistshit #milandesignweek2023 #milandesignweek #Chinese #hapa #wasian #racismawareness #racismneedstostop #racismsucks

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