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  1. 劉川風,霍湘儀,

    see below link at change.org about stop “Aisan hate crime” petition, need get at least 150,000 people signature/support (now only has 126,000 signatures/support) to send that to San Francisco mayor & 20 other places (include goverment departments, news & T.V. comanpies) to get govement & public to pay serious attention to STOP ASIAN HATE CRIME, 請在美加華电台或电台 social mediaS 呼籲美加華語聽眾 support that petition

    Raising Awareness & Ending Hate Crimes Towards the Asian Communit:


  2. 没有辦法 太多二五仔亞裔 寵裡雞作反 政客 掛羊頭賣狗肉 媒體 向錢看 公義 道德 在美國人(XXX)字典裡是不存在的 貴公司也有這些人 我能怎麼辦???????? 涼盤

  3. 劉川風,霍湘儀

    see below link, 請呼籲美加華語聽眾,看Biden夫婦在youtube向American Asian拜年祝賀 video 後 ,put thumbsup to support that, (only can put thumbsup after finish watch that video) ,becuse hs 8.1k thumbsdown

    “拜登总统大年初一致农历牛年贺辞。竟然有8.1k 人点“[ThumbsDown]”,我们亚太裔、华裔不能被人欺负!一起来大力转发点赞👍 https://youtu.be/fRjf5ksFBgo 走起!🎊”


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