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最近收到不少電子郵件,詢問如何重播以往平常心的電台節目。但因為重播數量是有限定,因此未能把所有節目都放在重播版面,經過商量後我們會設定“平常心-精華版” , 每一季會撰出15集放在網上供大家重播,請參考以往3個月的節目清單撰出你喜愛的平常心節目。




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  1. Please upload all of the past program so we can look it up and share with friends and family . Love to listen to Michael

  2. Hello, I love your 平常心 program. I just found this out recently and I want to know if I can obtain your past recordings since the beginning? It would be wonderful to get those from you. Please share on a YouTube or gmail.

    1. Hi Kate,
      Thank you for your support to 平常心 program. We have put a few old programs for replay and will add some more in December.
      Due to limitation on storage, we cannot upload all files under replay function. We are planning for various options include audio CDs.

      Best regards,
      Customer Services

    1. Hi Anita,

      Sorry about the delay of replying your questions. I have checked with Michael all his stories are come from various sources so there is no specific book that he is using.

      But we are considering a audio CD project so hopefully we can put together his stories sometimes!

      With thanks,
      Customer Services

  3. I love you program: 平常心!
    It is short stories and so too the point and really good reminder to us from time to time!

    Please let me know how can I submit my email so I can be in your mailing list of pass recording? I would like to share this with my family and friends back home (out of USA)

  4. Dear mr Leung
    Can you send me the 平常心 the hold month of August in (CD) for me I love it a lot is really meaning thanks


    1. Hi Mike,
      Thank you for your support to AM1430. Due to the internal control, radio program cannot be recorded on other media such as CD. We will upload selected programs under 平常心-精華版 soon.
      Customer Services

  5. 梁繼璋先生,
    你好! 謝謝你用心做的節目,你每一句說話、每一段廣播都會打動人心,給了我很大的勇氣去面對困難,和嘗試去解决生活上的問題,你的分釋和忠告是那麼中肯、貼切、寛容、和充滿智慧。謝謝你,請繼續以"平常心"訴説這許多不平凡的故事,我願覺醒,我會堅強。


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