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  1. Hi Elsa
    thanks for your kindness and repeating the info from the Tour Guide.
    I am happy to see you finally in person.
    I am in the Bus #B ( last row )

  2. Hello Elsa, I heard you mentioned you took your watch to change battery before at your show. Could you tell me the place? The place I used to go they closed.

  3. 阿乔你好!听了你在香港和陌生人的经历,和你那古道热赐邦助内地游客去低消霓地方玩,我好生感动!寸如果是我也会一样,你给我一个感觉是找到同道中人!很想和你交个朋友可否?希望我不会太冒昧.谢谢!

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