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  1. Hi, Andy, I have hard time to listen the live program through am1430.net. Is there any issue with that? Please advise. Thanks.

  2. Hallo! 我而家住喺德國
    喺呢個網同alexa 度都播5到

  3. Have you hear of AOL mail can not be used near future. my system doesn’t support Chinese writing. have to put it in English.

  4. Andy: 請問電腦中了毒, 做以下那些事,會將病毒帶到另外電腦去 :
    電郵或複製微軟公文。 用同一個屏幕。 下載 youtube. 多謝指教.

  5. Hi Andy: I have a spyware message that keeps popping up on my Mac. It says “helperamc. I read on google. People said that it keeps popping up from the Mac Cleaner. Any idea how to get rid of it. I am really concerned. Thanks.

  6. Andy.你好,我购买了 iphonex.如果用无线充电器,买那一种较好呢?mophie和belkin这二种牌子好吗?谢谢

  7. ANDY: 請問 Yahoo mail 和 Gmail 裡面文件儲存有沒有時間和容量限制? 是多少呢? 多謝解說!

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