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曾主持電台節目: 經典重溫
現在主持節目: 歌是的
喜愛的工作 : 食嘢
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  1. Hi Wasabi,

    Would you mind to tell me the name of good Italian Restaurant in downtown you have mentioned on May 30th, I would like to try it.


  2. Hi wasabi,
    I would love to know the web site for sign up to the guest list of the restaurant you had mentioned on 無限Food頻? Could you please email me?

    Thank you

    Kwok Tam

  3. hello wasabi
    I remember the first day of the Chinese new year I always think Chinese year only follow the traditional menu. moms made the best food I would like, personally is the Chinese biscuits on the best I like I enjoy, especially visiting some of my father friends house, that they are giving the best biscuits, and let me to enjoy a bit. so would u show me? instead of………. if u think the Chinese new year…………….

    your listener


  4. Hi Wasabi, Can you give me the names of the restaurants that you have mentioned in your 9/11 show, if possible? Thanks.

  5. Luv ur talk show! Pls give me the name of the small restaurant in downtown that u have the $ 100 aged prime steak.Thx

  6. Hi wasabi- where is the tofu shop in Walnut that you mentioned near your house? I would love to try their “tofu flower”. =)

  7. Hello Wasabi,

    Can you please list the steak houses you mentioned today (Oct 2)?
    Thank you,
    Have a good weekend.

  8. Wasabi
    你好, 可否告诉我那間買 Korean 肉类店在那。妳講時常去那處,我這?是近Pomona.

    1. HI Wing

      I love this restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. I think they had the best Hainam Chicken with Rice.

      I also like this authentic Japanese deep fried restaurant. They have fried pork chop, fried oyster, fried pawns. All very delicious but it is a bit pricy.

      This place has the best Cheung Fun and Soy milk. It is always crowded and not very clean, but the quality is excellent.

  9. Wasabi
    Can you tell me the Korean BBQ that you mentioned they also have a restaurant in Buena Park. That the yesterday (10-8-15) you talked Ah Zone, thanks.

      1. Thank you Wasabi for your info of KBBQ restaurants, I will try one of them tomorrow. Anyway your talks show is always the best for those who came from Hong Kong. Each day when I was driving home, it always make me have the memory of my childhood life in Hong Kong. Cheap & good taste.

        1. You may also want to try Quarters BBQ in Korean town. This is the talk of the town now and it is always packed, but the food quality is great! I also like Genwa Korean BBQ in Korean Town, this one is more upscale but quality is also great!
          I missed the food in Hong Kong so much!!! I try to go back as often as I can….to eat as much as I can, lol!

  10. Can you share the special Japanese noodle place in West LA the you mentioned in today’s 10/9 program? Thanks!

  11. Hi Wasabi,

    I just want to thank you for those foods information and restaurants, it was very helping to choose the right restaurant when I spend the money to enjoy my meal. Keep the food spirits, I always support you and AM1430. You’re true, I love you and I hate you. But I think I love you more than hate you. Good Luck!

    Wong C9

    1. That’s in Hong Kong, not in Los Angeles. And sorry I do not have the address, I need to ask ah Zone and see if he has it. Will get back to you!

  12. Hi Wasabi,

    Thanks for your show today 10/22. Please share info of that seafood sashimi restaurant at K-town.


  13. Ciao Wasabi,
    Luv ur talk show(s)! Listening to u through air kinda unwinding us in this hectic world.
    Great, keep us informed as make us FAT!

    Ed Yeung

  14. Hi Wasabi,
    Could you share the name of the Japanese restaurant that you’ve mentioned on 10/23/15? Thanks!

  15. Hi good morning Wasabi. I am trying to find out the restaurant you talk about on 10/23 Friday show. The Japanese restaurant with a Female Chef. Thanks

  16. Will you please let me know the Japanese Kebab, BBQ in San Diego, and other restaurants you talked about on Oct 29, 2015.



  17. Hello Wasabi,

    What is the name of the Italian restaurant in downtown you mentioned on 11/5/15? Thank You!

  18. Hi Wasabi, in the 11/6/15 episode, 經緯 openly sounded skeptical when you said “Australia Truffle”. He even repeated said “Australia Truffle? Australia Truffle”? You were also apparently annoyed by him, and urged him to move on.

    Please kindly advise 經緯 to do better homework, to be more professional, and not to talk like that on air unless he is very sure about what he says. Fact is, there are indeed truffles harvested in Australia.



    1. Hi Jason

      Thank you for your feedback and information. We will continue to improve the show. We appreciate your message.

    1. Hi Wendy
      One of my all time favorite in Taiwan is 無老鍋
      There are way too many good places to eat, and those are normally the small shops that does not have any web sites. Be open to explore the food in Taiwan since it is usually very cheap and good!

  19. Hello Wasabi;

    You mentioned on today’s show about some Japanese restaurant that offer Omakase? You mentioned N Naka previously. Do u have other good recomendations? You also mentioned a good and resonable price middle east Kabab restaurant in Glendale on your past shows, what ‘s the name? Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hi, Wasabi,

    I would like to know which markets I can buy the 10 rating instant noodles.

    Thank you,


  21. I would like to know the name of the place in Rosemead that make their own tofu that you highly recommend. thanks.

      1. I tried to search on the Yelp for the pork leg rice you have mentioned but nothing is showed. Is it BBQ pork on the rice ?

        Thank you

        1. I had the pork leg rice a few months ago. They only made a certain amount daily so it may be sold out if you go in the afternoon.

          1. We had lunch at that Thai Restaurant. The soy bean milk and green curry are very good

          2. Wasabi,

            The restaurants you have talked on 12/18:

            Japanese Fried food at Hacienda Height
            Fish & Chip at Hollywood and Malibu
            Japanese Fried Chicken Wing
            居酒屋在Rowland Height
            Fried Chicken in downtown

            Thank you very much.


          3. Lydia

            I will try the green curry next time. I only tried their pork feet over rice, thai style hainan chicken rice, soup noodle, Chinese donut, and soy bean milk.

  22. Hi Wasabi,

    I hope you still remember you talked about one of the bread sell on Ralph, do you remember what ‘s the name or the package for this bread? Thank you very much!!!!

    1. It is at their own bakery department. I believe they put it in their own brownish color bag. I do not recall what’s the name on it though

  23. Hi Wasabi,

    Can you please share the name of the Korean icecream place in Monterey Park mentioned on 12/10 show? Thanks so much. Happy Holidays!

  24. Hi Wasabi,

    Two days ago you mentioned a Korean dessert restaurant , honey toast in monterey park , would you tell me the name and address? thank you very much!

  25. Wasabi,

    What’s the name of the Korean ice shaved café you mentioned in Monterey Park yesterday?


  26. there was a very good Japanese pork cutlet (tonkatsu) restaurant inside of the Mitsuwa market food court in Torrance, but they closed the business year or so ago. Can you know any another good tonkatsu restaurant?

    1. Hi Bebe

      Thanks for sharing about the closed down of the business. I have not been to the torrance mitsuwa for probably over

      1. Wasabi,

        Try a breakfast place;

        Barney’s Only Place in town, Sierra Madre. It’s carrot zucchini bread and French Toast is very good.

  27. Hi Wasabi;

    經緯 mentioned he went to a good Korean noodle place in K Town after he skated last week. They make their own noodles. Would you ask him about the name of the place? If it is in Korean, what street is it on and the cross street? Thanks!

      1. Thanks for the link. What is your favorite dishes in the steak house? Any seafood restaurants recommend?

  28. Wasabi,

    I want to try Korean Fried Chicken. Do you have any recommendations?

    For Shaved Ice, have you tried Sul & Beans ?

    1. Lydia

      I am not a fan of Korean Fried chicken so I don’t have any favorite place to share.

      Yes, I tried Sul & Beans, and for some reason I like Hoosik more, especially their honey mochi toast top with the ice cream

  29. Wasabi,
    Can you tell me the coffee shop in downtown LA and restaurant in Grand Central Market (dated 12/24)

    Thank you


  30. Love your show! I was listening today about all kinds of soup and you just briefly mentioned Mexican soup – Menudo but you did not elaborate more. There are at least several Mexican soups worth mentioning – Menudo (beef tripe soup), Caldo de Res (beef shank soup), and Albondigas soup (meatball soup). Others such as seafood soups and tortilla soups are pretty delicious too. A Google search will give you quite a lot of recipes, pictures and info. Explore and enjoy!

    1. Hi Ernest

      Thank you for the information. I only tried Menudo and would love to try the rest of the soup that you mentioned. They all sound delicious!! Do you have any restaurant that you can refer to us?

      1. There are many good Mexican restaurants in the San Gabriel area….probably the best way is to Yelp. However, I did encounter a very good Menudo soup at the buffet in Green Valley Ranch Casino, Henderson, Nevada (east of Las Vegas). The price of the buffet is pretty reasonable if you join the casino player club.

  31. Hi Wasabi,

    Great job on your show.

    I like to ask for Omakase resturant that you know of.
    I want the reservation in end of month so n/naka and Yamakase wouldn’t be my choice.
    Do you have any other recommendation?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Klau

      Try Yamakase because they moved to a new location and can take more customers each night. You may be able to get the reservation for end of month. However, they raised the price, for 2 people it is $640 including tax and tips.

      I have not been to any other places so I really can’t give you other recommendation. I gotta save up some money to try new places, lol!!

      1. Well, I made the reservation in a restaurant call Asanebo in Studio City. It’s top rated in Zagat LA. Will let you know how it is after I tried.

        Thanks for your quick reply.

  32. Wasabi,

    I recommend an American Breakfast place Barney’s Only Place in Sierra Madre, Its Barney’s Only Place In Town in Sierra Madre. Its Carrot Zucchini Bread and French Toast is very good.

  33. Hi Wasabi,
    Please give me the name of the Ramen place that was grand opened on 12/23/2015. I think it is in old town Pasadena.

  34. Hi Wasabi,
    Maybe too late to ask, please recommend any good choice of dish for Bastia. I’ll be there 1/22 Friday night. Thanks!

  35. Hi Wasabi, I am going to China town this weekend. Is there any good restaurants that you would recommend for breakfast & lunch? Thanks

    1. Hi Tom

      I am not very familiar with the china town area.

      Here are some of my favorites spots in downtown LA, hopefully that’s close enough for your reference.

      Italian restaurant: My favorite dish there is the black and white pasta

      Breakfast/Brunch: famous for their chicken and waffle

      A new restaurant that has great reviews

  36. Wasabi

    Hi Wasabi

    Can you let me know what kind of Potato chip from Hong Kong and what restarant of burger place on today show 1/29/16

  37. Hi Wasabi,

    I listened to your show on Friday 01/29/2016. You mentioned there is Korean BBQ In Walnut. Could you please kindly give me the name & location of the restaurant. Thank you. Debbie

  38. Hi Wasabi,

    Gong Hey Fat Choy!
    Could you tell me the restaurants recommended by James? Do you have James Facebook page or Instagram ID?

    Thank you so much!


  39. Hello there. Happy Chinese New Year. My mom said she liked your episode from earlier, mentioning about dumplings. My mom is wondering if you could provide a link to hear the episode again. Thank you.


  40. May i know you mentioned restaurant in Las Vegas selling the good chick nut it also has two restaurant in Orange County.

  41. Hi Wasabi, can you tell me last week Thursday or Friday the Japanese restaurant. About the japanese roll food around $30.

  42. Can you ask James to teach us how to make some Italian wood? Where to get the ingredient,, also the name of ingredient in Chinese name, thank you., it is good to post in your 留言版.

  43. Hi wasabi, I heard your radio show couples days ago. May I know the recipe of the garlic sauce for spaghetti you and the chef talked about.

    1. 4oz butter
      1Tb Garlic, minced
      1Tb Onion, minced
      1Tb Oyster Sauce
      1ts Fish Sauce
      1ts fresh crack Pepper
      1Tb Pasta Water

      in sauce pan put 1st 3 ingredients and turn on low/med heat to melt butter n’ infuse garlic & onion. once onion is cooked (transluscent). add the next 3 ingredients. whisk to combine sauce.
      add cooked pasta to sauce & pasta water and toss. season with salt/pepper as necessary
      adding grated cheese is optional. suggested cheese would be pecorino or parmasan

  44. Hi Wasabi:

    What’s the name of the authentic Indonesian restaurant close by your house? Thanks for sharing!

  45. Hi Wasabi:

    On 3/18/16, Lee Ky mentioned about the Korean noodle restaurant open 24 hours that also sells dumplings. They have very authentic Kimchii. What’s the name and address? Thanks!

  46. Hi Wasabi,

    Can you let me know what’s the restaurant name that you mentioned on last day 3/28,where you have breakfast there and you met with the famous chef.That place is in Monterey Park and what is the best tasteful dishes that you recommend.

    Thank you !


    1. Hi Wasabi,
      Did you forget to answer my 3/29/16 留言? You can solve my question from (4/1 重聽) that is what you talked about!
      Thanks !

      1. HI Mike

        Oops, i totally missed the message. I will need to go back to work and listen to the show again and figure out which restaurant as it. Obviously I totally forgot what I talked about, lol!

        Will get back to you soon!

  47. Hi Wasabi ! Can I have the address 京偉mentioned 日式炸雞 in what market ,and the拉麵 restaurant in Orange County you mentioned very good 炸雞,can I have both thank you.

  48. hi, Wasabi
    can you tell me the address in your show on 4/14, you guys mentioned about tofu on Valley n Rosemead, Japanies restaurant in Monterey Park and i live in Walnut also need to know the fresh tofu factory. Can I have all. Thank you!

    1. HI Jennie

      The Japanese restaurant in Monterey Park is Shin-Sen Gumi at 111 N Atlantic Blvd #248
      The Tofu factory is Chung Seng at 115 Commerce Way.


  49. Hello, Wasabi;

    Please tell me the buffet place in Little Tokyo for Mother’s day you mentioned yesterday?

  50. Hi Wasabi,
    Where is a restaurant that serves good authentic laksa? Especially one from Penang where they have the black shrimp paste added.

    1. Catherine

      I am still searching the authentic one…..have tried some good laksa but none with the black shrimp paste….

  51. Hi Wasabi,
    Could you pls recommend some good makeup artist in Hacienda Heights? Not for wedding, just for wedding party or special occasion. It will be great if they also have onsite service. Thx so much

  52. please tell me where can tried some laksa or Malaysia restaurant and beef noodle Taiwanese style around in Hacienda heights or El monte. Thanks

  53. Wasabi,

    Would you please share the restaurant which services Steam Seafood in Orange County

    Thank you

  54. Hello Wasabi,

    Can you please let me know the good dessert place you mentioned in Las Vegas? Thank you so much!

  55. Hi Wasabi, I remember you mentioned a Japanese restaurant which is on the way to San Diego, I think it’s Japanese BBQ, I forgot when you have mentioned. Do you have its name or link? thank you

    1. Hi Steven

      I don’t recall I ever dine at any Japanese restaurant in San Diego area. Do you think that could be the American BBQ restaurant?

  56. Hi Wasabi. I wonder if you may be so kind as to recommend several restaurants in various food types that are in Walnut/Rowland Heights area. I’ve living there for 30 years and only frequent only about 4. Many thanks in advance!

    1. Dawn, there are many of them, but there will be a good one coming up in Chino Hills area in about a few weeks. I will give you the information once the poke restaurant is open.

  57. Wasabi, Thank you so much… i never have try poke bowl yet, so if you have any name, i will try it and expect new one open. Hope you can mention more food on East side. Thanks

    1. Hi Dawn

      I will. This poke will be one of the best so it is worth waiting a few weeks until they open.

  58. Hello Wasabi,

    Can you tell me the name of the restaurant your partner has mentioned(7/11/16) that he went with group of friends in Silver Lake which serve fusion style food. Thanks!


  59. Wasabi,

    Would you please share the Bakery (in San Francisco) sell the cookie 經偉haS mentioned.

    We are going to visit Key West, FL. Do you have any idea on restaurants?

    Thank you

  60. Hi how are you, i hear the travel program about taiwan,you and Jenny talk together, i feel interested about this trip,how could i join with your company when i live in san jose please let me know if you you have time thanks

    1. Hi Calvin

      You may contact Jenny at 8882668988 Monday Thru Friday during normal business. She is in town right now so please call her this week if you can.

  61. Hi Wasabi, I would like to get some info on the resort at Cabo, Mexico you mention last Saturday?


    1. Andy

      Please call Jenny or Sonic Travel at 8882668988, either her or her staffs can give you the detail information.

    1. Probably Jenny can better answer you this question.

      I always like Japan, Taiwan, Hawaii, Cancun, Cabo, Canada….too many choices!!

      Jenny’s number 8882668988

  62. Hi Wasabi,
    Can I have the website or name of the Chinese cooking class you attended few months ago.

  63. Hi Wasabi. Can you tell me name of restaurant that you spoke of on Fridays. The pasta and pizza one in Rowland Heights.

  64. Hello wasabi, 妳好,我叫岫朗我很喜歡妳隻狗仔Momo,很可愛, 聽聞狗仔是不可吃蘋果 , strawberry. 在網上看到妳所提及 Mono喜歡吃這些生果, 所以有些擔心吧!我是住在西雅圖, 是妳們的忠實粉絲, 很喜歡收聽妳的節目及日落大道. 好了! 在此祝各位DJ有個愉快生活及健康。

    1. Hi Lan

      Thank you for the message!!! Actually it is very safe for dogs to eat apple and berries, as long as it is washed and no seed. For sure they cannot eat grapes and avocado which may be toxic for them.

      Thank you so much!!!!

      1. Hi Wasabi. 謝謝妳告知,因為我以為有酸質的東西就不可以吃吧!上個月我有過去L.A,有去明樓山莊點吃那味是在節目妳介紹(梅王蝦) 好吃…?捧!謝謝!

  65. Hi Wasabi,

    Please kindly share the pastries shop in Pasadena you mentioned on Tues, 9/20/16 show. Btw, do u have any other recommendation for Korean Seafood restaurants beside Wassada? Which K BBQ you went recently are good? Many thanks for sharing.

  66. Would you please tell me the name of the small restaurant in Rowland Heights area that served good Dan-Dan noodle that you mentioned on Monday? Thanks!

    1. The restaurant is located inside the Yes plaza on Colima and Fullerton. I don’t remember the name but it is right next to Honey Mee and Ichi Ichi.

  67. It’ll be nice if you can post the name of the restaurants that you mentioned on your show right after the show is over.

  68. 請問那家都甩很好味?我住Garvey 蒙市,附近那家日本拉麵好味?請問有無港式素菜館?通常都是臺湾式齋菜館多。多倫多甜餅店Tim Hortons , Country style 最出名。

  69. Hi, Wasabi
    Can you tell me the Korean BBQ restaurant that you talk about on the talk show with Simonlast Friday or Thursday. It is a small restaurant. Thank you ! Have a happy Chinese New Year !!!
    – Maggie

    1. HI Maggie

      Can you please refresh my memory? Do you remember which area is that? I been to too many korean bbq restaurant so i don’t remember which one i mentioned on the show lol.

  70. Wasabi,
    Hope you and your family are doing well! Can’t wait for you to come back!! Miss you very much!

  71. Two weeks ago, you mentioned on your show about the fusion Vietnamese food that you and the other host had for lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant. Would you please be so kind as to let me know the name and location of that restaurant. Thanks!

    Last year I suggested that it’ll be nice if you may post on this forum the names of the restaurants that you mentioned on your show. I wish it can be done without extra burden on you.

    Good day!


    1. HI Thomas

      I never tried the brunch at the Bazaar so i cannot tell you if it is good or not.

      I haven’t had a good seafood brunch for a while. I used to go to Taps but I have not been back for a few years so not sure if the quality is still good. I heard Trump hotel at PV is pretty good but I still have not had a chance to tried it.

  72. Hi Wasabi, could you please mention again the names and directions of how to get to the cherry pick festival and the lavender festival in your 6/7/17program. Thank you.

  73. Hi Wasabi
    Could you tell me the name of the Korean restaurant ( in Rowland height) that you mentioned in today’s show. It is a newly restaurant. Thank you !

  74. In the last 10 min of today’s program (2018-0516), there was a beautiful mandarin song sang by a male singer. The lyric and melody is beautiful. Can you tell me the name of the song & the name of the male singer. Thanks.