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名字 : 梁燕城
別名 :
曾主持電台節目: 時事直擊(加拿大AM1470新時代傳媒)
現在主持節目: 走馬天下
喜愛的工作 : 關愛弱勢群體, 寫學術與普及蓍作, 哲理與宗教專題演搆, 探索宇宙思考人生
社交網絡平台 : CRRS.org

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  1. Hi Dr Leung,

    I couldn’t recognize your voice on AM 1430 this morning. Your voice is a lot different than the one while you were in Edmonton and Vancouver. I was in Edmonton and Vancouver when you were also in both cities.

    This morning, I was listening to your morning show while I was driving to work. You mentioned that you used to live in Edmonton. I am curious who is that guy. When I saw you on this webpage, I am surprised your voice is so different.

    Anyway, just want to say “hi” to an Edmontonian from another Edmontonian.

    Clive Cheung